About the Author

My name is Richard J. Tovar, I was born in Castellón towards 1964, and since little I liked to draw and paint, so I have always done. My artistic training is self-taught, I learned from watching others paint.


I have always liked the Impressionists, Renoir, Van Gogh, Cezanne, the great Spanish masters Goya and Velázquez, as well as some Italian geniuses such as Leonardo and Raphael. However, with special interest in the great authors of Cubism, Picasso and Braque. The author Malaga is the most important artist of the twentieth century and is best expressed in more subtle ways the richness of the human spirit.


Professionally, I dedicate to teaching philosophy, a discipline that allowed me access to the aesthetic considerations of the greatest thinkers of all time, among them Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche. For all this, art is the activity most appropriate for expressing and representing beauty, reality and human life. And we are.


Confident that the works of this website, you like and inspire you.

My works are distributed among friends and family, but some are also in private collections in Castelló, Madrid, London, Houston, Boston, Washington, San Diego, Philadelphia, Port St. Lucie (Florida), New York, Chicago, Berkeley and Sydney.

You can buy my work in the gallery Saatchi Art